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Diamond painting is a very profitable niche and a trending topic you can jump into this untapped niche market with low competition.

What Is Diamond Painting?

It is the art of painting on a canvas using resin-like diamond stones. Also, know as Paint with diamond or diamond art.


How To Profit from Diamond Painting Niche?

This is still a new niche (though date back to its discovery around 2015) but it is not yet a saturated market.

You can sell Diamond Painting Kits as a business and via your blog or video contents.

You can become an affiliate to established diamond painting brands


Some Interesting SEO Facts of Diamond Painting are:

Search Volume is over 300,000 Global Average Monthly Searches (AMS) and 20,000 AMS in USA alone

It is a niche where about 50%-80% of the searchers are ready to purchase.


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